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Online ticket sales system

  • Create an event page to sell tickets online
  • Select the sales currency: USD, EUR and others
  • Enable online payments: cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more
  • Scan QR codes from tickets and generate reports
  • Send PDF certificates after the event

Start selling tickets online

  • 6% + $1/€1

    commission on online ticket sales

  • Activate online payments

    6% + $1/€1

    commission on online ticket sales

    • Quick online payment setup
    • Without any contracts or formalities
    • For private persons, companies and organizations
    • Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more
    • Currency of ticket sales: USD, EUR and others

    Find out more about selling tickets online

Event on Click is the marketplace for four groups of recipients

Dla organizatorów wydarzeń

For event organizers

Sell tickets online for your event. This may be an event with ticket price variants. After the event, you can send certificates to participants.

View examples of events

Dla coachów, doradców i psychologów

For coaches, advisors and psychologists

Create an event with a reservation: the user selects the date and time of the meeting in the calendar. You can define custom rules regarding available dates and meeting costs.

View example of an event booked for coaches, advisors and psychologists. The page opens in a new window

Dla escape roomów

For escape rooms

Create a reservation event: in the calendar, users will select the date and time of their visit to the escape room. You can set a variable ticket cost depending on the size of your group.

View example of an event with an escape room reservation. The page opens in a new window

Dla autorów ebooków i artystów

For ebook authors and artists

Create a file sales website through which you can sell your files, e.g. PDF ebooks or other works in any formats (e.g. MP3).

View example of an ebook sales page. The page opens in a new window

Activate online payments

Payments immediate

There are multiple payment methods available that dynamically activate when making online payments depending on the user's location. Different local payment methods are popular in each country.

Klarna deferred payments

The participant buys a ticket, but pays for it later. The participant does not incur any additional costs, he only pays for the ticket. The participant chooses the form of repayment: repayment within 30 days or division of the repayment into 3 equal installments.

Organize your event.
Get a plan with access to the full functionality of the platform.

Check plans for organizers

Tools useful for organizing events

You will find all the necessary settings in the organizer dashboard

What will you find in the organizer dashboard?

Selected interesting settings that will make organizing your event more efficient

  • Ticket sales currencies

    In the event edition, you will choose one of the three available currencies: EUR, USD or PLN.

  • Ticket price variants

    You can sell different or additional services within the event. The participant selects the offer on the registration page.

  • Online events

    You can attach a link with the online event address and login instructions to the generated PDF ticket for the participant.

  • Sales reports

    You will generate detailed reports and lists of participants in CSV or Excel file format.

  • Discount coupons

    You will create coupons for selected or all of your events. This may be an amount or percentage discount.

  • Certificates

    You will send certificates to participants. Each one has a unique key, so you can verify its authenticity.

  • File sales

    You can sell files, e.g. PDF ebooks or MP3 tracks, which will be available for download after paying for the ticket.

  • Multiple logins to 1 account

    Grant access permissions to the organizer panel to other people on your team.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions. The rest of the questions and answers are on a separate page.

Questions & Answers Page with the most frequently asked questions from users

Any private person, company or organization can activate online payments on their organizer account.

You don't sign a classic contract with a payment operator, and the entire process of creating and configuring an account will take several minutes.

Instructions for activating online payments

The organizer can create 3 types of events:

  • Simple events
  • Events with ticket price variants
  • Booked events: the user selects the date and time of the meeting in the calendar

Additionally, as part of a simple event, you can create a page for selling files, e.g. PDF ebooks or MP3 tracks.

Sample events you can create in the organizer dashboard

There are several cases, as it depends on the method of payment for the ticket.

Online payment

Thanks to quick payments, the participant's payment will reach the organizer quickly. The ticket status will be automatically approved and the participant will immediately receive an e-mail with the ticket.

Bank transfer

If the participant pays this way, he or she must wait until the money is credited to the organizer's bank account. Only then will the organizer manually approve the ticket and the participant will receive an e-mail with the ticket.

Free event

If a participant signs up for a free event, the organizer will need to accept participation. The participant will receive the ticket when the organizer changes the status of his ticket to approved.