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Tickets with QR code

The participant can download the PDF ticket immediately after making the online payment. The ticket is available for download on the transaction summary page. Additionally, a message is sent to the participant with a link to download this ticket.

Each PDF ticket has a unique QR code that can be scanned with our application to mark the ticket with the status "checked in". This way, the ticket will not be used again when trying to enter the event venue.

What does a participant's ticket include?

  • Unique QR code

    The QR code is used to check tickets so that none are reused when trying to enter the event venue. You can scan the QR code with our application to mark the ticket with the status "ckecked in". When you try to "check in" the ticket again, a red alert will be displayed in the application.

    In the case of online events, you can manually change the "checking in" status of the ticket in the organizer's dashboard. Thanks to this, reports will also contain information about the actual participants of the event.

    If you do not want to scan QR codes, you can easily check the ticket status in the organizer's dashboard in the "Participants" tab by finding it by the number or first name and last name of the buyer.

  • Event information

    The ticket contains basic information such as: name of the organizer, contact to the organizer, name of the event, date and time of its start.

    If in the event edition you complete the field "Event stationary address - information visible only on the ticket", the participant's ticket will contain this exact location. This way, you will additionally secure the privacy of participants and the peaceful course of the event.

  • Link to the online event

    If the event is organized online, you can paste the online link to this event along with login instructions in the "Link to the online event - only visible on the PDF ticket" field when editing the event.

    Event attendee can easily copy this link from their PDF ticket.

  • Buyer details

    The ticket contains the first name and last name of the participant (buyer), the number of tickets and the cost of participation. When purchasing a larger number of tickets in one transaction, only the buyer's name is provided in the registration form. Therefore, the collective ticket does not contain personal data of all participants.

    When editing the event, you can enable individual sales, and then during registration you will be able to buy only 1 ticket, where the buyer's name will be the same as the participant's details.

Sample ticket for a participant with a unique QR code

Sample ticket PDF

When will the participant receive his ticket?

The participant will receive his ticket when the ticket status is assigned to "approved". A message will then be automatically sent to the participant with a link to download the PDF ticket. There are 4 specific cases regarding the exact time of delivery of the ticket to the participant.

  • Online payment

    Since, thanks to online transactions, the participant's payment for the ticket will reach the organizer instantly, the ticket status will be automatically approved. And then a message will be immediately sent to the participant along with a link to download the ticket. The participant will be able to download his ticket on the transaction summary page.

  • Bank transfer

    If the participant pays for the ticket by traditional transfer, he or she must wait until the money is credited to the organizer's bank account. Only then will the organizer manually approve his ticket to initiate an email with a link to download the ticket.

  • Free ticket, e.g. for a guest, VIP

    When you organize a paid event and want to send someone a free ticket, there is a special tool available for this purpose in the event edition. This is a simple form that initiates the creation of a ticket in the "approved" status and sending a message with a link to download the PDF ticket.

  • Free event

    If someone signs up for a free event, the organizer will need to approve their participation. The ticket will be sent only when the organizer changes the status of the participant's ticket to approved.