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Online payments

Start selling tickets online

6% + $1/€1

commission on online ticket sales

Activate online payments

  • Quick online payment setup
  • Without any contracts or formalities
  • For private persons, companies and organizations
  • Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more
  • Currency of ticket sales: USD, EUR and others

Activation instructions of online payment

General rules for online payments

Get to know the functionality of accepting payments from participants

  • Starting online paymentss

    Online payments are activated at the organizer's account level. You will find the appropriate settings in the panel. These are global settings for all your events.
  • Optionally bank transfer

    The traditional transfer payment method can optionally be set at the event level. In the event edition, there is a special field where you can enter the transfer details. This data will be sent to the participant after registration.
  • Klarna payments deferred

    You can activate the option where the participant buys the ticket but pays for it later. The ticket buyer usually has two options for repaying the amount due without additional fees: repayment in full after 30 days or spreading the repayment into 3 equal installments.
  • The participant decides on the payment method

    You can activate various payment methods: instant online payments, deferred payments, and at the same time provide participants with details for making a traditional bank transfer. The participant will decide how to pay for the ticket.
  • Participants pay directly to the organizer

    Participants' online payments go directly to your technical account on the payment operator's website, from where you can transfer them to your bank account.
  • Refunds to participant

    Any refunds to the participant should be made directly from the account on the payment operator's website. Changing the ticket status to "Refund of payment" in the organizer's dashboard does not result in an actual refund of money from your account on the payment operator's website.

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