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How to sell files?


On Event on Click you can sell:

  • Tickets for events
  • Tickets for events with optional attachment of files for participants (only in a simple event), e.g. workshop or marketing materials, detailed event program, event regulations, etc. (case A)
  • Files, e.g. PDF ebooks, MP3 tracks - only as part of a simple event (case B)

The ability to attach files for sale is only available as part of a paid plan.


Sample file sales page in USD › the page opens in a new window

Sample file sales page in EUR › the page opens in a new window

Case A

Proceed as in case B, but with one exception. Do not check the "Do you only sell files without event tickets?" option.

Case B

Follow the steps below.

Make the event simple. In the event edition, go to the "Tickets/Files" tab:

  • Select "Attach Files" and upload your files
  • Select the option "Do you only sell files without event tickets?" - thanks to this, the event website will be adapted to sell your files


How to attach files?

After enabling the above options, you will be able to add files. Click "Select file" to upload the file (max. 2MB).



  • You can upload any number of files with any extension, maximum allowed. the weight of 1 file is 2MB.
  • Give each file a name that will be displayed on the purchase page and in the e-mail message to the buyer.
  • Set a download limit: enter a number or leave the field blank to allow unlimited downloads.
  • Specify download expiration: Specify the number of days after which the download will expire, or leave blank for no restrictions.
  • In these settings, you cannot paste download links to external websites and servers, e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox - this will result in an error and failure to complete the sales process.

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