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When will the participant receive his ticket?

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There are several cases, as it depends on the ticket payment methods you have activated.

Online payment

Thanks to fast payments, the participant’s payment will reach you quickly. The ticket status will be automatically approved and the participant will immediately receive an e-mail with the ticket. This is the most convenient form of selling tickets online.

Bank transfer

If the participant pays this way, you must wait until the money is credited to the bank account you have indicated. Only after observing the payment, you should go to the organizer’s panel and approve the ticket. Then an e-mail with the ticket will be sent to the participant.

Free event

If a participant is registering for a free event, your approval will be required. The participant will receive a ticket when you change the status of his ticket to approved.

When organizing events, it is common for users to register multiple times for the same event. Thanks to the ticket search engine, you can check all registrations of a given person by name, and then you can cancel duplicate tickets or tickets containing incorrect data. A common practice for users when they make a mistake while entering data in the registration form is to re-register. Before canceling duplicate tickets, it is worth comparing ticket details for the same person (especially the e-mail address) to verify whether any tickets contain errors, e.g. typos or missing words.