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What to do when a participant to resign from the event? Do I have to refund my ticket?

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If the participant has not paid: cancel his/her ticket. Canceling a ticket means that the number of available seats for the event (if a seating limit has been set) will increase by the number of canceled tickets.


If the participant has paid for the ticket and you want to make a refund

  • When editing the ticket, select the “Money back” status. The participant will receive an automatic e-mail about the refund. This action does not result in an actual refund in the payment processor’s system.
  • The refund must be made independently, e.g. by making a traditional transfer to the bank account number obtained from the participant or using the refund function on the online payment operator’s website. In the ticket edition you will find a direct link to the transaction page on the payment operator’s website, where you can make a refund.


If you return the money by making a traditional bank transfer

  • Obtain the participant’s bank account number for the refund
  • The ticket purchaser’s bank account number visible in your electronic banking may not be his or her actual account number, as the participant could have made a transfer at a bank counter.
  • A special case is when the participant made a transfer from a Revolut account (or other similar financial institutions). Funds from this type of accounts may additionally be indirectly handled by a local bank, so in your electronic banking you will only see the technical bank account number of the payment intermediary, and not the source bank account number of the participant. Making a transfer to this technical account of the intermediary bank will not result in a refund to the participant, because the participant is not the owner of this account and does not have access to it. This account is created automatically based on an agreement between Revolut (or similar institutions) and your local intermediary bank.


Do I have to refund the participant’s money if the participant to resigns?

When purchasing a ticket, a sales contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller, i.e. the event organizer. The possibility of withdrawing from the contract is regulated by local law.

Even if local law does not provide for the ticket purchaser to withdraw from the contract, as the event organizer you may (but do not have to) refund the money for the unused ticket. As a seller, you may assume a wider scope of liability than provided for by law.