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Online payment methods and currencies

This page presents current technical information regarding online payments, currencies and language versions.

This information may be relevant to the event you are organizing.



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date of last update: 11.09.2023


Tickets sold in currencies: USD, EUR and PLN

The sales currency is set in the edition of a simple event and an event with ticket price variants. The event only has 1 sale currency at any given time.

Setting the currency to EUR or USD causes permanent elements, among others: the event and registration form pages will be presented in English. Setting the currency to PLN will translate this content into Polish.


Discount coupons

Creating discount coupons for participants: the amount discount is granted in the event currency.


Accept online payments into your Stripe account

In your Stripe account settings you will set the primary settlement currency and additional settlement currencies. Adding a currency requires you to provide the bank account number in a given currency where funds from your Stripe account will be transferred.


Description of 2 cases in the situation:
Your main currency is USD and what happens when the participant pays for the ticket in EUR?


Case 1.

  • the basic (default) currency is USD
  • the additional (alternative) currency is EUR

In this situation, in your Stripe account in the Payments tab, you will see the participant's deposit in the original currency, i.e. EUR.

Additionally, in the Balances tab you will see a separate balance for each currency.


Case 2.

  • the basic (default) currency is USD
  • no defined additional (alternative) currency

In this situation, see the participant's payment in USD, which was previously converted from EUR.

At you can check the current exchange rate applicable at Stripe. Currencies change every 12 hours.

date of last update: 11.09.2023


Setting the currency to EUR or USD causes the constant elements of the following structures to be presented in English (and setting the currency to PLN will translate the content into Polish):

  • Your event page
  • Event registration form: optional reCaptcha tasks will also be in English.
  • Summary page (the page where the user will be redirected after correctly completing the registration form).
  • E-mail messages at every stage of the ticket purchasing process:
    (type 1) registration while being approved by the event organizer (when the event is free of charge),
    (type 2) ticket waiting for payment (online transaction or traditional transfer),
    (type 3) ticket paid or registration approved - message with PDF ticket,
    (type 4) money back.
  • Online payment page: language depends on the language of the participant's local web browser.
  • PDF ticket


The active language version of individual platform elements for the user depends on:

  • on the ticket sales currency on the event website: English for USD and EUR, Polish for PLN
  • user's browser language
  • country where the user is located

date of last update: 11.09.2023


1. The event registration form does not accept email addresses whose country TLD is for Belarus and Russia. The ability to use an e-mail address with the word "yandex" is also blocked.


2. Minimum ticket price: $0,5, €0,5 or zł2


3. Maximum ticket price (amount of the entire order processed further by the payment operator): $999999,99, €999999,99 or zl999999,99 (a 6-digit amount in full USD, EUR or PLN)