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“Buy now, pay later” – Klarna deferred payments


We have introduced a new payment method Klarna, which allows you to buy an event ticket but pay for it later.


What does purchasing a ticket look like for an event participant?

  • A participant using Klarna’s deferred payments does not incur any additional costs. A participant pays only for the ticket itself.
  • A participant chooses the form of repayment: repayment within 30 days or division of the repayment into 3 equal installments (options available depending on the order amount).
  • When making a purchase, without leaving the payment page, the participant creates an account on, where he/she provides his/her contact and address details and PESEL number. Personal data is processed only by Klarna.
  • Klarna deferred payments is currently only available to individuals (individuals).


What is the process of using Klarna payments from the event organizer’s side?

  • The repayment process of the event participant to Klarna has no influence on the event organizer. Immediately after Klarna accepts the purchase, the money is transferred to the organizer’s account on Stripe.
  • To activate Klarna payments, you must activate online payments in the organizer’s account settings.
  • On the event editing page, in the Payments tab, there are settings available to enable Klarna payments and, optionally, set a threshold for the minimum amount in the event currency for which Klarna payments will be available to the participant.
  • By default, Klarna deferred payments are available for orders of a minimum of 100 in the event currency. If you want, you can increase this threshold. You have no option to reduce this threshold.