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Football Masterclass Cracow 4/5 December 2021

We want to provide experienced football coaches and players with an event where they can gain knowledge, network, and share insights on football at an advanced level. We feel there are plenty of clinics and seminars in Europe that provide fresh coaches with the much needed basics of the game. Not many however provide the opportunity for growth and development for those with experience under their belts.

Our Football Masterclass is just that. We want to create an advanced course of talks and lectures by veteran coaches, allowing even the most experienced European coaches to gain insight and learn about the game they know. With the uncertain Covid times at hand we will not only offer the opportunity for coaches from all around Europe to attend our 1st Football Masterclass event in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland, but also to join our masterclasses online!

2 days event

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ProUC Zygmunt Łodziński

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2021-12-04, godz. 10:00 (sobota)


Brak możliwości rejestracji na wydarzenie!

Miejsce wydarzenia: Best Western Hotel Galicya ul. Rzemieślnicza 4 Kraków