First international conference in Europe “Swimming with autism”

We welcome you to join the first international conference in Europe “Swimming with autism”, which will take place on 24-25 of August in Netto Arena hall in Szczecin.

It will be a remarkable event, fully dedicated to work methodology of instructors, parents, teachers and other persons working with people affected by ASD and other pervasive development disorders.

You will be able to meet prominent speakers and practitioners. You will also have a unique opportunity to participate in workshops under their guidance on the second day of the conference.

The conference has already been held 9 times, mainly in the USA and Canada. However, this time the specialists and prominent speakers will arrive to Szczecin for the first time in Europe, to share their knowledge, experience and their involvement in sucessful work with children. It’s an exceptional chance to supplement one’s knowledge and workshop on the subject of a medical condition which begins to be more popular each year not only in the USA but also in Europe.
The organiser of the conference is the foundation Safer 3 “A Safer Child In the Water”, which is a representative commitee of an American foundation STOP DROWNING NOW, which has been operating since 2001 in the US by teaching children safety in the water. Safer 3 is a program that teaches children, with the support of funny activities, about the dangers of water and how to behave in certain situations. Foundation Safer 3 concerns itself with swimming and self-lifesaving lessons and training instructors’ staff.


Safer 3 Foundation


In the United States, the autism diagnosis rate has risen to 1 in every 54 children born today. In addition, 91% of all wandering deaths for those with autism are due to drowning. To ensure their safety it is imperative that all aquatic professionals understand and learn how to work with this unique population.
Aqua Pros Swim School & The Autism Society San Diego have teamed up to provide a 2 day interactive classroom and in-water Swimming with Autism Conference. The conference will educate and train you to be a confident and effective instructor when working with those affected by autism. Also, you will receive valuable tips and explore creative ideas for your aquatic program.
For the past 22 years, Aqua Pros Swim School and the Autism Society San Diego, have worked together to develop award-winning, autism specific, aquatic programs. These programs have served thousands of families in the San Diego community.

It will be the first edition of the conference in Europe, and thanks to the Safer 3 Foundation, it will be held in Szczecin. During the conference, specialists from the United States will present themselves, however, we will also host local specialists who will talk about working with children with Hyperkinetic Syndrome (ADHD).
We will look with the eyes of the Sport Psychologist onto a child with a Hyperkinetic Syndrome (ADHD) in the educational and athletic space. We will consider whether dysfunctional children and youth – which is disturbed psychophysically is a problem or a challenge for nowadays teachers and trainers. Lastly, we will create a multimodal support model for a player with Hyperkinetic Syndrome (ADHD) based on the i7W model in the positive sport trends.

Speakers and conference media

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Program konferencji w 2014 roku

Poznaj Tammy Anderson – Lee

Autism Society San Diego

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We will be very happy to welcome:

·         parents
·         swimming school owners
·         swimming trainers and instructors
·         life guards
·         teachers from playgrounds, schools, universities
·         therapist, psychologists, psychists ·         ·         
·         sport passionate
·         everone who is interested in receiving knoweledge in ASD area and put it into practise.



Prevalence. In 2018 the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. Most children were still being diagnosed after age 4, though autism can be reliably diagnosed as early as age 2.

The new estimate represents a 15 percent increase in prevalence nationally: to 1 in 59 children, from 1 in 68 two years previous.


Programme and tickets

Classroom Topics Include:
     Living with autism, a parents perspective
     Communication Strategies
     Swimming Skills and Techniques
     Behavioral Strategies
     A multimodal support model for a player with Hyperkinetic Syndrome (ADHD) based on the i7W model in the positive sport trends
     Video scenarios, Panel discussions and more!
In-Water Experience
     Teaching demonstrations
     Training equipment demonstrations
     An opportunity to work hands on with several students with autism in the pool!

In Addition
    *Participants receive course certification and training materials

    *Lunch and coffee will be provided on both days

Attention! We have presale until the 15.05.2019. If your are interested in participation please be sure to purches tickets in the lower price..
You can also buy ticket only for the first day of the conference in the prize of 310 PLN.
If you are interested in buying more tickets, please ask for a special prize. Send email to , for a special rate.


Media and partners

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If you are interested in participation in only first day of conference please pay 310 PLN. Please enter ticket number in the title of bank transfer.

Tammy Anderson-Lee, Cathy Ball (Stany Zjednoczone), Tamara Olszewska Watracz (Polska)

Tammy Anderson-Lee

Tammy Anderson-Lee began her competitive swimming career in San Diego at the age of seven and has spent her life dedicated to the sport. At a very young age, she worked as an assistant for the American Red Cross Back Yard Swim Program and volunteered for the Easter Seals Swim Program at Children’s Hospital in San Diego. By age 15, Tammy was an assistant swim coach with a United States swimming team. In 1988, she relocated to Colorado Springs where she was the head and age group coach for several USA swimming teams. Eight years later and a bit homesick, she returned to her home town of San Diego to re-establish her swim teaching career. In 1995, when she was introduced to the world of autism, she saw a great need to develop programs for the underserved, yet unique and fascinating population, and a life-long passion ensued. Tammy established the Aquatic Professionals Swim School, or “Aqua Pros” for short, in 1997. Her vision was to provide a positive, progressive, and nurturing environment with a compassionate emphasis on swimming instruction for children with special needs including autism. Aqua Pros Swim School has taught tens of thousands of students how to swim in the San Diego community.

In 2001, Tammy approached the local Autism Society of San Diego (ASSD) with an idea to provide families with fun and safe aquatic activities. In 2002, Shirley Fett, President of the ASSD, and Tammy collaborated to design and launch the Pool PALS Program (Persons with Autism Learning how to Swim). Over the years, the Pool PALS Program has provided swim lessons, family pizza pool parties, summer surf camp and SCUBA for thousands of children with autism and their families.

Tammy is associated with the United States Swim School Association, USA Swimming, National Drowning Prevention Alliance, Scuba Schools International, Oceans for Youth Foundation, and the American Red Cross. She proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the Autism Society of San Diego and the Aquatic Advisory Board for Safe Kids San Diego. In addition, Tammy is a diplomat for the World Aquatics Babies and Children Network.

Tammy spends most of her spare time traveling throughout the United States speaking to aquatic professionals and autism organizations. When not on the road, she lives in her native San Diego with her husband Bob and three Boston Terriers.

Cathy Ball

Cathy Ball is a long-time San Diego resident who has dedicated her life and career to the special needs community. Her passion was sparked in elementary school when she diligently learned sign language in order to communicate and play with her best friend who was deaf. Cathy’s desire to help others carried over into her adult life when she became a foster parent for emotionally disturbed and medically fragile infants, children, and teens.

Cathy began her professional career as a preschool teacher for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. In 1997, she became a Behavioral Support Specialist for the San Diego Unified School District, Resources for Children with Autism. Throughout her career, Cathy has also been a regular speaker at Point Loma Nazarene University and a facilitator for group homes, as well as autism, aquatic and parent organizations. Cathy’s training and instructional techniques come from a vast knowledge of Behavior Modification, Applied Behavior Analysis, Discrete Trial, Pivotal Response Training, Floor Time, SCERTS, PECS, TEAACH, and Sensory Integration Strategies.

In 2003, Cathy was hired by Tammy Anderson to apply her expertise to the Aqua Pros Surf Camp curriculum and structure. It was soon obvious that Cathy and Tammy made a perfect team. Tammy taught Cathy how to teach swimming, and Cathy taught Tammy more in depth ways to control behaviors and creative ways to work with children with autism. In 2005, Cathy became the Surf Camp program director as it developed into an 8-week program, and worked with Tammy to improve and expand the Pool PALS program. Cathy currently works year-round for Aqua Pros as an Autism Specialist Instructor.

Cathy lives in San Diego with her husband Joel. Even with two daughters and five grandchildren, Cathy still finds time to volunteer regularly for the Special Olympics, the Autism Society of San Diego, and the United Way.

Tamara Olszewska- Watracz

MSc. Tamara Olszewska- Watracz - sports psychologist, psychopedagogue, food technologist, educator, owner of the Psycho-pedagogical Cabinet ADEHADEX. Lots of titles hidden in one person, but this is what a very large and general summary of my previous achievements looks like. Let's start one by one. I am the owner of the Psycho-pedagogical Cabinet of ADEHADEX, where she conducts classes in psychoeducation in the broadly defined healthy lifestyle and the Hyperkinetic Syndrome - ADHD, Behavioral Disorders - ODD, CD, Hyperkinetic Behavior Disorders - HZZ and co-occurring disorders.

The ADEHADEX psycho-pedagogical office is also:

· Psychotherapeutic workshops - for children, adolescents and adults with psychophysical difficulties,

· Individual methodological and educational consultations in the field of educational counseling,

· Methodology of parents' work with children, or enriching the "parenting backpack" with educational methods and techniques

· Trainings and workshops as well as information meetings supported by practical knowledge and solid theory in the scope of the above-mentioned addressed to teachers, assistants and curators of families, policemen and students.

Kontakt do organizatora

Angelika Muchowska, 515 755 588,

Fundacja Safer 3

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2019-08-24, godz. 09:00 (sobota)

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Miejsce wydarzenia: Hala Netto Arena, Władysława Szafera 3/5/7, Szczecin